The Legacy



Breedendam Yachts was established in 1976 by Puk and Dolly van Burkom. In the first years, the yard mainly focused on building sailing yawls with a beautiful varnished mahogany or oak finish.

Breedendam The Legacy

FROM 1982

From 1982 Breedendam focused on a new trend with the development of “The Lifeboat”. The idea of having luxuriously finished and motorised rescue “Lifeboats” for day trips proved to be a niche in the market. Today, the Dutch Lifeboat is manufactured on a large scale and the use of such boats has become a lifestyle in itself. Various yards adopted Breedendam’s idea and are building launches in all shapes and sizes – and a wide range of quality levels. None have managed to match the unique look & feel of a Breedendam Lifeboat.

Breedendam The Legacy

THE 1990S

In the 1990s, with the building of launches at full speed, Breedendam recognised a growing demand for more comfort and living space on board. The yard set another trend with the development of the Breedendam MTB, inspired by the Motor Torpedo Boat, used by the British Navy. A unique feature of these yachts is their sleek vertical bow and a stern that is nearly as wide as the beam amidships. Due to its slender hull shape, the yachts have an exceptionally high top speed.

Breedendam The Legacy


The retro lines developed for the Breedendam MTB caught on. Even Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander was impressed and chose to be transported in a Breedendam MTB 33 during the Sail Amsterdam event in 2000. Since this royal experience, the Breedendam MTB has been the ‘Official Tender to Sail’ during the five-yearly Sail Amsterdam events.

Breedendam The Legacy


In 2017 Breedendam Yachts has delivered an all new MTB fourzero Wheelhouse. The 13.37-metre retro classic yacht was designed by Guido de Groot and is equipped with the very latest technologies and features added to meet the owner’s needs including diving equipment, a hydraulic bathing ladder and gangway.


Breedendam introduces the MTB eightzero to the market.


Breedendam starts with the construction of a new MTB sixzero


Breedendam Yachts unveils new Eightzero Sport Concept