The Breedendam MTB “wheelhouse” models are retro classic yachts built with the latest technologies. The comfortable wheelhouse is bright and spacious. The electric sliding roof and the sliding window between the salon and cockpit enhance the alfresco ambiance. And the combination of sturdiness, sportiness and elegance gives this MTB an individual feel.

At Breedendam we don’t build on spec… Each project is started from scratch with clients who can therefore fully customise their yacht and call it their own. Working within the length and beam you require, your Breedendam MTB will be given the full bespoke treatment inside and out. This one-off creation will reflect your preferences, the way you intend to enjoy time on your Breedendam and who you will be sailing with. From propulsion power to interior style, from al fresco facilities to the number of cabins, everything is open for discussion on the MTB sevenzero. Share your ideas with us today.


Upper Deck
Upper Deck
Main Deck
Main Deck
Lower Deck
Lower Deck


Length water line: 20,76 meter
Length overall: 23,44 meter
Beam: 5,85 meter
Draft: 1,80 meter
Engines: 2x 1.000hp Volvo Penta IPS1350
Max. speed (half loaded): Approx. 29 knots
Displacement: Approx. 40 ton
Material: Aluminium
Hull shape: Deep V
Fuel tank: approx. 800 liter
Water tank: approx. 1.500 liter
Blackwater tank: approx. 750 liter
Generator: 2x Northern Lights (7kW + 14kW)
Designer Guido de Groot design
Naval architect: Studio Delta
CE certification: Category A